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Blk Mgc Symbl

by A. Billi Free & Uncle_EL

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MingTubbs the Bandcamp Weekly program curated by Andrew Jervis brought me here via the track "Fire". Brought immediately to mind some of the great work made by Leikeli47; I dug it and bought hoping there was more like this on the whole. And there was! All good to my ears/mind receipt.
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joecardillo If I could pay for this record twice, I would. A. Billi Free's lyrics and vocals are equal parts relaxing and tightly stacked, and the beats, production, and accents are flawless. Queen II and Hurricane are my favorite tracks and have the kind of dreamy and cool and reality check feel all at once.
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Unfolding 03:08
City bred with some country ties. Solitary leanings so I can divine. Autonomy is the benefit. Pacify a serial hedonist. Keep on square but follow the moving target. Breaking family curses, finish what I started. Scarcity supremacy there is always enough. Extra inefficiency don’t get it all at once. Invisible demands pushing on the plan. Invisible hand push the lamb in the frying pan. Don’t wanna talk til it’s almost done. Imagination finds persistence working. Hike up this tricky pass. Smoke sweet sticky grass. Come to break up all the flim flam. High power thoughts measured in kilograms Growth prominent on the topographic diagram. Unfolding. Thought it was just me alone, look closer. Angel and a demon on my shoulder. Harnessing . Harnessing the lunar and the solar. Just to get by Got juice to imbibe. Got grime for the swine. Get what’s meant for you, real life or online. Beats match and blend the soundtrack of our lives. As we rotate on the belt drive. Needle float between doing too much, not doing more. We say we ain’t doing it, peeking at the score. Desire junkies want that information. Truth weighs don’t want that obligation. Can we be comfortable outside of a struggle? Can we thrive outside of our bubbles? Searching for the inverse of outfront. Renovate the walls of the construct. How many words can I pile before I’m gone? Stretching out the bounds of the lexicon. First string deities of the pantheon. Who am I when you not looking? Discern, unlearn relearn. Target pressure point unload. Fueled up stored with ample reserves. On standby blanket stimulation on the nerves. Unfolding. Thought it was just me alone, look closer. Angel and a demon on my shoulder. Harnessing . Harnessing the lunar and the solar. Under the sky.
Satisfied 03:49
Feelings on the surface, fears below. Freedom overhead, bring them all home Bright of day and dark of night. Holy, we have it all inside. Bass deep and I’m phased in. Absorbed and radiating. We gamma waving. Won’t you ride a bit with me? Contemplating. Faded and we gazing. Last daylight save it as we rise above the city. Ey ey ey. Ey ey ey satisfied. Particle to wave, no words to explain Art of war rules of the game. Peace purpose power pain. Changing lanes, taming stages, aim oasis, a moon in phases Do you want it? Can you stomach? Could you even learn to love it? Knew you dug it, no fronting. Markets flooded, buck buck all of a sudden. Raising nations, resting cases. Chaos or stasis we gonna be ok Ey ey ey. Ey ey ey satisfied.
Fire 03:18
In the ground 10 toes Get er done stuntin on em Core up on the throne I’ll let you tell me how it goes Stomping through like rhinos. Tough skin chin rose Throw it out and come back around. I call that resilience Hierarchy of the peasantry. Unlock the cage, do without pleasantries Eye is engaged on behalf of the embassy. Slay You got that fire yeah Who’s your supplier? Hella fly yeah I’m just admiring You are a live wire. Twistin like spin dryer. This thing on fire. Build it higher Nothing said, just done. 3 from the 2, 2 from the 1 All or none, or just a ton. Carry goods in the electron No pap, no television. See it live to feel the mission. And you cooking in the kitchen. I wanna taste of this nutrition Collard greens and some fritters. Filling all angles and positions You got that fire yeah Who’s your supplier? Hella fly yeah I’m just admiring You are a live wire. Twistin like spin dryer. This thing on fire. Build it higher Round and round and round and round you’re shining You know what it is this fire’s climbing
Queen II 04:28
Queen yeah Watching the world burn standing at the station. Waiting for orders push for quick pacing. If you rush the pop off, impact drop off. Waiting is…now it’s next transport for take off. Entry barred to the Garden of the Blind. She is the serpent, the apple and the eye. You wanna cash in on a celestial bet. Very close but you haven’t hit the pot yet. Wild cow. She put her thorns. I mean her horns. Mind sharp and hot. Mach speed train of thought. She likes to twist a lot. Appease her with sweetness or she’ll tear this place up. Now the pressure’s on cause your numbers up. Prepare to dive into the wild it’s an experience. So much outrage they think it’s looks the same. Absolutely nothing stays the same but change. You dig? Queen yeah If you can’t handle the luminosity. The light dims we see her monstrosity. Mirror her shades. Master of morphology. Thousands of names, under gird economies. She’s got her ways. De nada. She stir the potion in the pitcher. Men invest big scrill back engineering her elixir. Peace to the fathers, brothers, uncles. Male deacons and ushers. But you can’t enter without the mother. Addicted to the slaughter there’s another way to get your blood Moon cyclist, waxing to completion. Fear and privilege an unholy matrimony. Closed circuits, ego mistress of the ceremonies. Imbalance trynna make itself relevant. Flick of the wrist, flipping the tricks. Throwing china at the elephant. Irreverent. Testing all intent. When she opens up the floodgates either sink or swim. Queen yeah
Hurricane 03:28
Paradise caught a hurricane. Storm is gone, nothing is the same. Salvage all the pieces chipped from our hearts. Curse the gods for this fate. Question my decision making. I’m mad, I’m sad. Glad you gone, miss you long. Darts shot. Calls dropped. The ache won’t stop. Got me rereading all the planets in my charts. Hurricane. Paradise caught a hurricane. Bound to be problems when we communicate like we do. Only time gone solve them, when I’m back on my feet I’mma work my way through. See, I. I can’t just roll with just anybody else. Space cadet. Watch the time just melt float beside myself. Crave safety like I need my breath. How to stay open but protect my wealth. Hurricane. Paradise caught a hurricane.
7Even 03:00


Symbols exist so the psyche can deal with the intensity of our reality.
S.oothe Y.our  M.ind & B.ody w/ L.ight.  

Combining hip hop, soul and electronica Chicago producer Uncle El and Southwest-based vocalist A. Billi Free collaborate for another offering of Blk Mgc.


released November 27, 2020

Production: Uncle El
Vocal tracking and mix: A. Billi Free
Mastering: Sean Owens
Artwork: Naimah Thomas




A. Billi Free New Mexico

Vocalist, DJ, beat producer.

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